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Corporate identity

Corporate identity (CI) as the sum of corporate design (CD), corporate communication (CC), corporate image (CI), and corporate behavior (CB) should be purposely shaped and steered especially during situations involving change. Corporate identity then is or becomes management tool for identifying structures, content, and corporate personality. In short: It becomes a strategic market and social element of branding.

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Corporate identity, which shows itself in the corporate personality, is firmly established as a model in how the branding agency INCREON works.

Each company has a corporate identity. Each company has a relationship to employees, suppliers, customers, investors … this interaction yields a picture of the company.  Owing to the various interactions, companies are ultimately perceived as personalities and living entities.

How can corporate identity (CI) be approached?

  • Analyze own identity and how others see your company; derive and devise strategic direction
  • Analyze and develop the market
  • Marketing communication internally; employer brand and brand message
  • Implement, motivate, train
  • Marketing communication externally
  • Continuous monitoring

At the branding agency, the corporate identity team supports this process from the beginning.

Corporate identity as an element of branding

Not every company has to change something about its personality. We also do not do this constantly as people. But every company should take the time now and then to reflect whether one’s own view of one’s identity correlates with the current reality of the company. One should think about whether the cherished suit still fits today or looks too old and worn to customers and job applicants. Or perhaps the cultural environment has changed, making necessary a further development of the brand personality. As a branding agency, we are your sparring partner during this analysis phase.

When a medium-sized industrial manufacturing company has made significant technological advances, this has to be incorporated into internal and external communication — from classic advertising to personal sales pitches, from the website to how the company presents itself at exhibitions. When a company broadens its activities through acquisitions and expansion, it must question whether it can simply transfer its corporate identity to the new international and intercultural situations without a second thought. That applies both internally and externally. When a trade fair of regional importance develops into to a high-quality, international exhibition, this has to be made known. In such situations, the consistent corporate identity as a “continuous thread” is important for a clear, distinctive image that builds trust.

Believability through authenticity

Authenticity has much to do with the personal perception of objects, people, and events. What is fake; what is real? Deception? Fake? Forgery? Or truly genuine? We perceive people to be authentic when they seem to be genuine, uncomplicated, and unaffected. During brand communication, the companies and products that reach brand authenticity are those whose benefit is perceived by markets to be real and believable owing to strategic and consistent branding. At the branding agency, it is important to us to capture the brand essence and inner values so as to build up an authentic brand identity from which a genuine brand personality can develop.

Of corporate identity, brand values, and customer touchpoints

Today, there are numerous branding models. New terms often conceal well-known brand knowledge. For us as a branding agency that thinks in the long term and for which enduring values count, the established corporate identity model has its place in the portfolio.

  • The focus is on the corporate identity, which is supported by brand essence, brand values, and the brand personality, in which positioning is formulated and tonality is expressed.
  • The corporate design visualizes the corporate and brand personality in its diversity — logo design, corporate design, imagery, key visual(s), digital branding, 3D branding, sound branding, and more.
  • Besides key messages for corporate wording and press relations, today’s corporate communication includes, most notably, integrated content marketing strategies from which content for marketing communication can be derived — campaign formats, statements for trade fairs and exhibitions, activities in social media, in sales, and so on.
  • Actions which are part of corporate behavior are directed internally and make a fundamental contribution to making employees bring the brand personality to life as brand ambassadors. This has an effect on the employer brand, so that suitable individuals can be recruited for the company. Corporate behavior also influences the customer journey and the brand perception of the customer at the various customer touchpoints.
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